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A Guide to Alcohol Addiction and Its Treatment

There are many alcohol addicts that have chosen to undergo treatments so that they can become sober, and many of them go through these treatments each year. There are many rehab clinics all over the country helping addicts through their treatment programs that use proven methods based on recent studies. But it takes real hard work and sacrifice to gain long term sobriety from addicts.

When an alcohol addict has been treated of his addiction through a treatment facility, the moment they rejoin society, they will have to make many lifestyle changes. For alcoholics, these changes involve compromising the social lives they once led. In order to stay sober, it is necessary for an alcoholic to avoid these drinking environments even though it is a socially acceptable practice. Below are some ways that alcohol addiction treatment impacts alcoholics’ social lives.

Those alcoholics that have severe physical dependence on alcohol typically attend inpatient programs. In the inpatient program, the alcoholic has to stay or live in the clinic from thirty to nine days, and here they receive fifty or more hours of intensive therapies each week. Inpatient rehab is the most effective method for producing rapid but long lasting lifestyle changes. If an addict lives that long in an inpatient facilities, then he will lose touch with his close friends. The social life of the addict will be compromised having stayed too long away from his friends, but most especially if he has already alienated his friend with his addictive behavior.

Alcohol is legal and socially acceptable and this is why most adults drink casually at social events, family gatherings, and friendly outings. Addicts are not able to control themselves when it comes to drinking alcohol even though a majority of people can drink moderately. It may be necessary for a recovering addict to avoid these social events or perhaps he might even have to develop new friendships with people who don’t drink.

It is somehow expected that people drink and get drunk even in the work environment. Business people often use alcohol as they network with partners and potential clients, and drinking is often part of the processes of recruiting and hiring. If you are a business person and a recovering alcoholic, then you might have to give up some responsibilities that include social drinking or if not possible, you might have to give you that job altogether.

There are friends who don’t abandon you who are still hooked to alcohol. in order to avoid addiction triggers and stay sober, it is usually necessary for recovering alcoholics to cut ties with these friends altogether. If you want to fully recover then you have to do it even if it hurt you. Making new friends is one thing that addicts develop in the rehab center and once out they are able to mend old ones.

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