5 Features to ConsiderIn Your Casters



Casters come in all sizes, styles, colors and capabilities. So how do you choose the right ones for you? How can you distinguish the good from the bad? Here are just a few features that you’ll want to consider if you’re serious about buying high-end, high-quality wheels.


  1. Weight Limit

This is even more important than the dimensions of the product. If it doesn’t have the load-bearing capacities that you require, you won’t be able to use it safely and effectively. Always double-check the weight limit of your chosen casters.


  1. Material

The cheapest casters are made of plastic. The more durable ones are made of stainless steel. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a material type for your purchase; if you’re on a budget or only wheeling around light loads, plastic might be perfectly fine for you. However, if you need serious strength, splurge for the steel.


  1. Swivel

Some casters can swivel in every direction. They’re great for stores, restaurants, hospitals and other places with narrow hallways where maneuverability is key. On the flip side, if you’re working an industrial site where unexpected swivels can lead to dangerous accidents, you might want large casters that are more rigid.


  1. Brakes

Do you need to be able to “park” your casters? Brakes can help with that. They have locking mechanisms that will allow you to stop your cart, trolley or toolbox and hold it in place. You’ll need to pay a little more for these brakes, but they could be worth the investment depending on your specific needs.


  1. Price

Last but certainly not least, make sure that your chosen casters can fit into your budget. If they’re a little too expensive for you, don’t be afraid to contact the manufacturers and ask for a better deal. Everyone wants to make a sale!


These are just a few things to think about as you shop for casters. Whether you’re looking for heavy-duty industrial supplies or simple household accessories, use these tips to ensure that you’re making the right decision.