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How to Choose Lodge for Your Game Reserves?

Sabi Sand Game Reserve is one of the earliest private reserves in operation in South Africa as well as the birthplace of sustainable wildlife tourism in the country as well. There are several generations of families who owned and also, operated a piece of the land that has created strength and continuity in common vision.

In addition to that, there are many private lodges that are offered by the reserve. They’re masters in hospitality and each of it has something one of a kind to offer. Visitors can also expect to be provided with highly skilled guides on their trip, rangers, breathtaking landscapes that are their view from their accommodation, fine cuisines and friendly staffs at the same time.

Game reserve is additionally part of the largest conservation area in South Africa. Sabi Sands wilderness shares a fenceless border with the Kruger National Park while offering outstanding game viewing. The animals roam freely between these areas and you can regularly see the Big Five game. Basically, there are so many wildlife animals that you can see in the reserve such as 145 mammal species, 110 reptile species, 30 species of amphibian, 45 fish species, 500 bird species and 330 species of trees. All these live in their natural habitat which has been meticulously and cautiously preserved for the future generations to see.

The truth is, there are ongoing environmental management programs as well as studies in Sabi Sands Game Reserves. These studies consist of doing alien plant control, micro catchment management for fighting erosion, monitoring of wildlife and habitat densities, control of runaway fires and also, anti poaching units.

Make sure that you’re with the right lodge if you’re about to test the game reserves. Following are few tips that you could use to choose one.

Looks – no doubt, styles will resonate with you and the internet is a digital medium you can take advantage of. You have to be careful of photos that are depicting fresh flower arrangements because some lodges use fresh flowers outside for ads.

Ambience and personality – it is imperative to take time reading reviews of the lodge. Through the reviews, you are going to discover the weakness and strengths of the lodge in question whether it is accommodation, foods, service etc. All of these are going to help you come up with a smart decision.

Game viewing – there are other factors as well to be taken into account aside from the lodge and it is game viewing. Do you prefer the bush experience or are you here to see the Big Five in action? You must pick a lodge with great view on what you want to do to make the most of your trip.

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Trips? This May Help

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Trips? This May Help