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Why Choose WooCommerce

If you want to use e-commerce carts for your business, you can find many of them online. There are some which has too many features but is too tough to use, while others are expensive to run. Today, one of the best e-commerce carts is WooCommerce which is very easy to manage and has the features that you need for sales and conversation optimization.

With a WooCommerce e-commerce cart plug in, you will have a online store which is a self-hosted WordPress based store. Below are some reasons to choose Woocommerce for your small business.

WooCommerce is a free open source plugin. The cost of WooCommerce extensions and support are less than that of other carts. And this is why this plugin is the best for small businesses and startups because it gives you a reduced overall budget.

Even without good understanding of technical operations, merchants using this platform enjoy a lot of flexibility with their products, and this is the most important benefit of WooCommerce as an e-commerce plugin.

There is no forcing users to go beyond their comfort zone when building their online stores. Your WooCommerce store can operate side by side with a blog page in your professional website. Other e-commerce technologies or plugins are not able to present together seamlessly all dimensions of a business in one place which WooCommerce users can. WooCommerce users are able to recognize the user friendly WordPress interface. It also benefits you from the added value and time savings.

Using the free WooCommerce gives users a lot of room to customize and tweak their online store to accommodate unique features according to the need of the business.

WooCommerce is professional despite its being free and user friendly. The platform contains tracking facilities with customer engagement tools that allows buyers to view past and open order.

Another reason to use WooCommerce is its built in analytics systems which gives you insight into the traffic, users behavior and other important data. Figures like total sales, average order sales, individual customer statistics, are presented neatly via graphs, without the users ever having to leave their admin panel.

You can find a lot of WooCommerce extensions in its app store. Applications relating to payment, accounting, marketing, and reporting are found from these extensions.

Growth and expansion is exercised in terms of how you manage your products, store, and customer, similar to other ecommerce plugins or extensions.

Woo themes users can benefit from community forums, video tutorials and more.

There are many reasons why you should consider WooCommerce for your small business or startup. WooCommerce is ideal for small businesses and startups from which they can get many benefits.

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