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Why Sell Your House to Real Estate Investor?

If you have plans of selling your property, then the first thing you think probably is to call a realtor to put it on the market. However, such method can be costly and time consuming as well than what you have thought. There are companies that buy houses you could talk to which can help you sell your house fast.

If you are about to follow the traditional way of selling your house, there is a high possibility that you need to do improvements to boost its curb appeal which we all know require some cash. Unlike when selling your house to a real estate investor, you don’t have to do any of this as you can sell the house as is. You’re going to discover the benefits of considering this option in the next lines.

Number 1. Speed – like what’s discussed earlier, listing your house to a realtor can be time consuming. Using open houses and advertising lasting for 6 months listing agreement is how such professionals market a property. The moment you found a prospective buyer, you can’t proceed to the transaction just yet because they still have to be qualified for financing.

If you want to have a fast transaction and be paid in cash at the same time, then it will be ideal to talk to a real estate investor. This is actually a huge advantage especially if you’re in a spot where you need to get cash and need to sell house quickly.

Number 2. No need to put money into your house – by taking the traditional path of selling houses, the buyer will likely expect from you that the house is in good condition. This may make you to spend more money to install new roof, replace the flooring, painting inside and out, improving the landscape, taking care of other costly as well as time consuming improvements that you’d not need to worry when you sell it to we buy houses companies.

The stress of improving it can be taken away off your shoulders as these investors will be doing it on your behalf. So what you should do then is if you agreed to their offer, you can right away sell the house to them.

Number 3. No commission fees – it’s understandable that real estate agents are working on a commission basis. So if you have agreed with your agent of their commission rate to be 6 percent, it means that they take the 6 percent of whatever the house is sold for. This is where we buy house companies have the upper hand as they never charge fees or commissions from the deal.

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